Deluxe Tall Potted Faux Orchid


Large and luxurious, the Deluxe Tall Potted Faux Orchid is the ultimate statement piece in your Home without the maintenance. Showcasing its crisp white blooms at 145cm High this Orchid is the perfect piece to create a timeless and elegant display in any room. This tall orchid display is potted in a classic black pot, simply pop it into whatever best suits your colour scheme to elevate your interiors.  The faux stems are internally wired meaning you can manipulate the stems if required to suit your space.

Item Information

Item consists of:

  • 1x Deluxe Tall Potted Faux Orchid
  • Approximate Dimensions  74cm Wide x 145cm Tall
  • Pot Dimensions 24cm Wide x 22cm Tall
  • Faux stems are internally wired for easy manipulation


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