Dried Flowers -Neutral Palm

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Wild and Elegant, our Neutral Palm Arrangement combines a multitude of textures to create a Natural Whimsical display in your home. These long lasting quality dried flowers come in a mixed bunch which includes soft bunny tail grasses, wheat, gypsophila, lavender and a large palm.

The Neutral Palm bunch can be styled as desired to suit your home. Here it has been styled in our Decorative Moroccan Vase which is 30.5cm Tall with a 12cm neck opening. 

Vase not included 

Arrangement Information

Arrangement consists of:

  • 1x Neutral Palm Bunch in Brown Paper Wrap
  • Approximate Dimensions  25cm Wide x 70cm Tall, based on styling as pictured
  • Designed for vases approximately 30-35cm tall
  • Dried Flowers must be kept dry, do not place in water or in humid conditions
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid colour fading
  • There may be slight variations in bunches

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