Did you know flowers are good for you?

Health and wellbeing are important, of course, and there are lots of different ways you can help yourself stay in good condition. That includes everything from eating properly to taking regular exercise and broadening your social circle.

There are also lots of little ways to lift your mood and cheer yourself up. One thing you can do is have flowers and plants in your home. Not only do these bring a smile to your face, but they also have some pretty amazing properties.

Improving Memory and Cognition

Bringing a little of the natural world into your home or your office has an impact on your performance and memory. There’s research that getting out into nature regularly can improve memory and boost those grey cells by as much as 20%. Freshly picked flowers also smell amazing and can help release vital chemicals like dopamine.

There’s also evidence that having flowers in the office can help increase productivity. Whether it’s the beautiful colours or the wonderful smell, next time you have a busy period, try putting a few bouquets on the desks before everyone starts work.

Flowers are also good for our mental health. Many of us are under more stress than we care to admit and adding something colourful and fun to our surroundings can certainly give us the lift we need. If you’re feeling down, for whatever reason, even a small bunch of flowers can make you look on the bright side of life.

Plants like lavender are a perfect choice as they have calming properties which make them great for the bedroom. Another good choice is jasmine which is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping. A good night’s sleep is critical if you want to maintain strong mental and physical health.

Getting Better After an Illness

People often bring gifts of flowers to a person’s bedside in hospital, but many don’t realise the positive impact that this can have. A recent study found that patients who were around plants and flowers tended to get well quicker. So, next time you have a cold or feel a little under the weather, getting an indoor plant or faux flower bouquet could be just the thing you need to perk yourself up.

Better Air Quality

You might also be surprised that plants and flowers also improve air quality in a home. They act as filters and draw in things like dust and irritants, and they also give out oxygen. Particularly if you live in a city or a busy town, regularly buying flowers can make a subtle but important difference to the air quality. Not only that it makes your home smell amazing.

Certain plants are thought to be highly oxygenating and are great for areas like the kitchen or the home office. These include aloe vera which is very easy to maintain and care for.

Giving Flowers

Finally, the act of giving is also good for health and wellbeing. When we gift something like flowers it helps us build strong relationships and it makes us feel good as well.